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7 good reasons to take care of your motivation email

7 good reasons to take care of your motivation email. As a leader in a Team, sometimes it falls on you to motivate your team. Writing to other team members via email nowadays is becoming more and more common, especially in cases where team members work remotely. A great tool to use is a motivation email to your team.

Nowadays, motivation email is one of the highly used tools of communication. Team leaders often use email to communicate with the team. In addition, motivation email helps in bringing out the maximum output of the team. The right motivation can ensure that your team is productive and all working towards the same goals.

7 good reasons to take care of your motivation email

N°1: You save time for the recruiter

This motivation email exempts him from opening a possible motivation letter as an attachment.

#2: You get noticed 

Through laziness or negligence, many candidates skip writing this famous teaser email. So, by going further than the age-old “please find attached for CV for the position…”, you will automatically stand out.

N°3: You can drag the name of your contact 

It is in the body of the message that you name your recommendation for the position. This name should make the recruiter pay more attention to your application.

N°4: You attest to your spirit of synthesis

This email must contain 5 to 10 lines maximum. So you have to know how to keep it short, concise, informative and hard-hitting your writing. So consider the motivation email as your flyer. Make the recruiter’s mouth water with a simple and attractive message that makes him want to open your CV and meet you.

N°5: You demonstrate your mastery of the French language 

A motivation email without spelling or grammar errors with an enriched vocabulary, it is necessarily points scored with the recruiter.

N°6: You show your reactivity

The day you send in your application, you learn that the company in question has won a prize, signed a big contract, changed management… specify it. Your interlocutor will be delighted to see that you follow the news closely. It never hurts to flatter the recruiter’s ego a little.

Matching your application with a motivational email can make you score points with an employer. The proof by 7.

N°7: You already demonstrate your involvement in the company

A good motivational email must necessarily be addressed to the recruiter and only to him. Exit, therefore, the mass mailings of a boat message that would water all sectors. By “dedicating” this email to the target company, you prove that you have done research on the box and that you already see yourself there. 

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