About JobProposals Website

There are always many great job opportunities out there but getting to know about them at the right time might prove difficult. With billions of job sharing websites, knowing the one that provides just the right job offers for your country is important.

JobProposals.net is out to provide you with job offers from all over Africa and the world at large. We share information on high paying jobs from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and many other countries.

What is a job?

A job is a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price: She gave him the job of mowing the lawn. a post of employment; full-time or part-time position: 

“Job” and “work” are both nouns, but they’re slightly different. Your job is your occupation (like a cleaner, a teacher, a banker or a scientist). Work, on the other hand, is the stuff you do.

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