How to display your ambition on your CV

How to display your ambition on your CV? As you know, a CV is anything but a list of assignments. The recruiter wants to find a certain consistency and results. He wants to understand what you are going to be capable of. So nothing prevents you from talking about your ambition there.

Post your dream job as a title

“Talking about your ambition is always a bit risky because we don’t have a very direct culture on this subject,” warns Guillaume Blanchin. But the recruitment manager at Robert Walters does not discourage candidates. “It all depends on the type of ambition we are talking about. If it seems legitimate and supported by facts, it may interest a recruiter. » First option: display the colour in the title. “You can absolutely indicate the desired title that you have never exercised, provided that it is at least consistent with your career,” explained Guillaume Blanchin. “Many candidates send untitled CVs, ” surprised Judith Tripard, consultant for the Clémentine firm. However, you can adapt very well to your interlocutors and have several CVs. This recruiter distinguishes, for example, between responses to specific offers and unsolicited applications. “A CV is like a snapshot at a given time. It’s about clearly showing the spirit and purpose of the candidate. But it still has to correspond to the needs of the person receiving the CV…”

A catchy hook

To specify your objective, you can also add three lines at the top of your CV. “The idea is to write a catchphrase that specifies its objective, explains Caroline Cailteux, author of the guide “ Recruitment, how does it work? ”. Indeed, nothing prevents adding a few words to a position or a function that one feels capable of filling in the short term. For this consultant, it’s a good way to respond to an offer by showing a certain dynamism. “It’s also a way to summarize or save yourself a cover letter and broach the subject in an interview. The only condition remains, however, that the rest of the CV includes elements such as convincing achievements or projects that have been developed and capable of supporting this ambition. It’s a positive way of saying what we are capable of. “

Highlight your results

For Stéphane Cloteaux, it remains difficult to talk about his ambition in his CV. “For me, we are talking more about his ambition in a recruitment interview if the opportunity arises, nuance the director of the firm Strattitude RH. If I’m looking for a profit centre manager and the candidate claims to want to be a regional manager in five years, I may favour a more motivated candidate for the current position. Despite everything, nothing prevents us from implying that we are progressing quickly, with results to back it up. “However, we can expand on what we have already obtained by adopting a project approach. 

For each experience, we detail what we were able to achieve in terms of increased turnover, for example. » « We can fear from a profile that displays an overflowing ambition that it will no longer be there in two years, confirms Guillaume Blanchin. Ambition must therefore subtly be part of the course. If you have stayed in the same company for a long time, you can highlight a few successive achievements internally, and if you have moved around a lot, show the different challenges faced. The idea is that the recruiter projects his ambitions onto the candidate.”

How to display your ambition on your CV? Bring up the training section

“The idea is to bring out logic and legitimacy in the CV,” adds Judith Tripard. However, the consultant discusses another possible option. “  You can also justify an application for a more senior position based on recent or ongoing training. For example, a candidate may have completed management training or an MBA. “When you have a few years of experience, you are tempted to relegate training to the end of your CV, behind your professional experience. However, when it is relevant, you can precisely put the training section at the top of your CV to enhance a course and justify the title or the hook of your CV. “

Write a cover letter

Finally, there is a tool that should not be overlooked. “  Ultimately, the right candidate is also one who reassures through his sense of responsibility, his skills and his motivation,” summarizes Guillaume Blanchin. This is why this recruiter invites candidates to take care of their cover letters. “Ambition is a double-edged sword. There are candidates who imply that they have such a diploma and therefore the right to such a position. But there are also other forms of ambition that can seduce. You can also choose a profile that looks less good, but who wants to learn and grow with the company. The ambition to progress also works.

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