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How to reassure recruiters with your cover letter when you know you are Overqualified.

How to reassure recruiters with your cover letter when you know you are Overqualified? In a situation where a job position is close to your heart -or you really have no other choice-, but given your experience, you are clearly overqualified for the job. If this is your case, here is our advice to reassure and convince thanks to your cover letter or email.

The truth if I lie

The worst would be to deny the level shift or try to drown the fish. But the recruiter is not stupid. A quick glance at the CV will allow him to see an experience as long as his arm. So assume by speaking the truth. “A sentence like, “after 20 years of experience in sales management, I would like to focus on such and such a sector for such and such reasons”, illustrates Pauline Lahary, founder of

Not overqualified but with high added value

There is no question about listing all the positions that you have brilliantly occupied. On the contrary, select only those whose skills are transferable to the position in question. Thus the recruiter will be able to immediately project you in the function. Emphasize that you will be up and running right away. “  Being overqualified is an asset but it’s true that it scares recruiters. So support your cover letter with concrete, striking anecdotes attesting to your high added value,” advises Pauline Lahary.

You don’t come to him by chance

You may be applying for this position by default but the recruiter should not sense it. “  On the contrary, you must show him that the position in question corresponds to your professional project. of the moment and that your application responds to a real career strategy”, continues this recruitment specialist. Yes, you have solid experience behind you, but today you are ready to take on a new challenge. So if you worked for 15 years in large groups, but today you want to participate in the development of a start-up, say so. Similarly, if you want to move from a functional position to a more operational job to be more in touch with the field and customers. Explain your choice to respond to an ad for which you are, a priori, oversized. “One of my clients from the world of IT consulting really wanted to get into the world of B to C apps. His humility and his passion for this sector convinced a recruiter to trust him  ”, illustrates Stéphanie Roels, director of the firm Elysée Coaching.

Focus on adaptability

“From their experience, these candidates, especially seniors, have experienced so many different situations that they will not collapse at the slightest hiccup,” insists Karine Doukhan, director of the Robert Half Management Resources division. So in the cover letter, insist on your ability to gain height, for example in the face of crisis situations or exponential growth of a company. “In a few words, mention your availability, your resistance to stress and your ability to assume your responsibilities,” adds Stéphanie Roels.

Mr/Ms Loyal 

Let’s be honest, given the employment market for seniors, fifty-somethings, often very, even overly qualified and experienced, struggle to get a job. “The employment of seniors is complicated. So unlike the juniors, they are not in the immediate claim of another position or in zapping. They are stable and loyal to the company. Two qualities highly appreciated by recruiters at the moment,” insists Karine Doukhan. So, also press this point in the motivation email in order to anticipate possible objections from a recruiter.

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