30 Freelance Article Writers/Rewriters Needed


Job Description:

We are looking for 30 freelance content writers for a lifestyle website to edit and Rewrite provided content 100% MANUALLY without using any software. The content must be factually and grammatically checked and rewritten in your own style WITHOUT using any SOFTWARE or AI.

In every article, you’ll have to write some section of unique content (NOT PROVIDED) following our given outlines. It’s a long-term working opportunity to build your writing career. The ideal candidate should be able to write a minimum of 6000 words per week.

Here are a few examples of content that we’ll need for our projects:

Blog Posts

Mostly informational in nature like “how to”, list-style articles and info-based articles.






  • Rewrite and reorganize the content as necessary to improve readability and flow. Writers need to conduct online research for every topic they’re assigned. Make sure the article matches the topic and is easy to read. Correct any wrong answers. It should look real by reading.


  • We require all writers to be able to create at least 6000 words a week. If you’re doing great and can write more, we can assign you up to 8000 words of tasks each week. As we aren’t any agency nor hiring for other clients, we can adjust the workload depending on your performance, quality of the articles, and capability.
    Respond to any messages or updates from us via Skype, ensuring timely and efficient communication throughout the writing process.


  • Deadlines: We have strict deadlines for all of our projects. Writers who consistently miss deadlines will be removed from the team.


  • Plagiarism, AI, and Rewriting Software: We are very strict when it comes to plagiarism or using AI tools or rewriting software like quillbot. We have an entire team to check if anyone is using such tools or software. We use multiple high-end detectors and most imp, manually go through every article to check for AI or rewriting software patterns. We are good at it and if any writer is found using such tools, we’ll stop working immediately. We use a couple of plagiarism-checking tools to ensure every single article is unique and a creation of the writer. DO NOT USE Quillbot for paraphrasing. You’ll have to rewrite manually using your own writing style and everything will be perfect. We don’t want perfect articles, so avoid any tool and just read and rewrite your way, pretty simple.


  • Grammar: Writers must proofread to ensure there are no grammar/spelling errors in the content.
    Outsourcing: APPLY ONLY if you yourself can work on this project. If you are planning to outsource the content, don’t apply. If you still do, you’ll find it very difficult to work if you plan to outsource and our QC team will detect it for sure.



  • Experience as an article writer/editor
  • Only freelance content writers, NO AGENCIES.
  • Strong editing and rewriting skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Previous experience in rewriting articles is a plus.
  • Experience in the lifestyle niche is a plus.


  • We will Not Accept poorly rewritten or plagiarized or paraphrased or AI/software-rewritten content. To ensure that your submission meets our standards, please make sure that the content is rewritten in your own words. Just read and rewrite, pretty simple. We don’t want masterpieces! Just read and rewrite in your own way MANUALLY. DO NOT USE Quillbot or any other software for paraphrasing or anything.

Rates & Payments

  • Payment will be sent through Payoneer or PayPal. So make sure you have one of those accounts set up. We prefer Payoneer for payment and will send payment every week, however, if you use PayPal, we pay every other week.
  • All newly hired freelance writers are offered a rate of $10 – $15 per 1000 words based on experience, content quality, etc. If you’re shortlisted, we’ll discuss the rates. If you perform exceptionally well, raises may apply after a couple of months.
    Note: We need over 300-500 articles a month for our own pool of websites. If you’re hired, there won’t be any shortage of projects for you. There are many agencies that’ll only assign you tasks when they’ll get work from other clients. In this case, if you’re hired you’ll work directly with those ‘clients’ (in this case ‘Us’) and get the flexibility to work less/more in any emergency.



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