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**Must be in the US. If you do not have experience in any of the following fields, your application will be ignored. I am looking for experts only. 

I own several wildlife and animal related content websites and I’m looking to add a new writer/team member with extensive experience in a related field. Here are some examples of fields of study or expertise I would be interested in:


Wildlife biology
Wildlife ecology
Animal care
Exotic pet care or ownership
Wildlife photography
Birdwatching or bird feeding (hobbyist ok as long as it’s a passion)

Again, these are just some examples. If you have knowledge in a related field, go ahead and apply.

Pay would start in the .04 – .06 cents/word range, based on experience and education. I would be willing to go up from there for the right applicant and there would also be future potential for a part time or full time position at a competitive pay rate.

The amount of weekly topics you get would be based on what you think you can handle.

You would not be expected to have intimate knowledge of every topic you are assigned, but I need someone with a keen eye for errors and the ability to fact-check research. The ability to produce factually correct content is paramount. Which is why someone that actually cares about the topic at hand is crucial.

Please message me with any questions.

If this sounds like a position you might be interested in please consider applying. Please list some of you credentials, any publications that you’ve written for, links to any content that’s live on the web, and anything else you think is relevant.




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