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Christmas Towns

We are seeking a writer for

Workload is flexible, and the position can be one-off or a recurring job. Whether you want to write a couple articles, or 5+/month long-term, we can be flexible.

As the name would suggest, our website covers the Christmas holiday and the towns that make the holiday special. There is an emphasis on small, “Hallmark movie” towns that have Christmas charm. But we will also discuss Christmas events in large cities (e.g. tree lighting in NYC, Christmas market in Chicago, etc.).

Preference given to writers that have knowledge of the tourist destinations and charming towns in their region. Our preferred candidate is someone that wishes to write about cities and states that they have travelled to, or have extensive knowledge of. Our site is focused primarily on the United States, but if you have a pitch for an impactful Christmas town outside of the United States we would be glad to cover it, also.

Article types will include “Best Christmas Towns in [State]” and also “Christmas in [City], Things to Do.” See an example article here:


  • Good/great English language writing skills
  • Extensive knowledge of subject, plus willingness to deeply research topics (including searching for information through non-Google resources; if you don’t want to do any research beyond the 1st page of Google results, this is not the opportunity for you)


  • $0.04 – $0.10 per word depending on expertise and skill

Next steps:

  • If you are interested in this opportunity, please indicate the cities, states, and region that you wish to cover. Please provide a 1-3 sentence discussion of some of your favorite Christmas towns and/or holiday-themed events in your region.
  • Please indicate your compensation requirements.
  • Please indicate that you are willing to deeply research topics, rather than rewriting/summarizing the existing information on the 1st page of Google.


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Thank you!



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