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Pathfinder ZA

Need plugin for existing website www.pathfinderza.com

Tab for get “Quotation” them open page where user must fill in his
1 Name
2 Surname
3 Email
4 cellphone number
5 verify he is not a robot
6 Then he must get a confirmation email to activate his Account with username and password
7 sign into Account
Then get to fill in his address or pick his location on a Google map

Question or Tabs he must fill in
1 Draw a geo fence around the property he wants to protect
2 where the entrances or exits are on map
3 indicate on map what does he want to protect
4 Show where is or was existing problems
6 Note tab to give a short discretion of what is the problem
8 all info must be send to design@nullpathfinderza.com where map must be converted to 3D map and sensors be placed by my team and linked to Accounting software to send quotation

My website www.pathfinderza.com
Google playstore app



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