EDM DJs with writing skills

DJ Studio

For the new software product DJ.Studio we are looking for passionate EDM DJs who would like to write for our blog.

With DJ.Studio you can create DJ mixes in a fraction of the time. You upload your tracks and DJ.Studio will use algorithmic beat matching, harmonic chord intelligence and note detection technology to order your tracklist in the best harmonic way.

After that you can fine tune your transitions in our timeline editor which is built for DJs. Most DJs use Ableton or Logic, but those software products were built for producing music. DJ.Studio is the new DAW for DJs.

What’s in it for you
  • Articles will vary between 1,000-3,000 words,
  • Starting at $0.12 per word  with up to two revisions included.
  • Experienced writers can pitch their rate in the application.
  • There will be an opportunity to review the rate at three months, based on performance.
  • We will provide you clear article outlines which describe the layout of the article, description of the target audience and the SEO keywords we want to target.
  • We give you access to the tool  SurferSeo  where you can write the article. SurferSeo will also be used to audit your article
  • We have lots of of articles to write about dj mixing, dj mixing techniques and comparisons with other software tools
  • Work 100% remote
  • Write about your passion
  • As much work as you want, focusing on the writing – not the admin, seo research, sourcing free stock images, etc.

What is DJ Studio

We presented DJ.Studio at the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2022 and we have gotten great feedback from large influencers in the DJ market. DJ.Studio is unique in its kind, which makes that we think that in 2023 every DJ in the world, if it’s Bedroom DJ, Wedding DJ or Producer will start using DJ.Studio to get better at DJing or to decrease the time it costs to prepare live sets or make DJ mixes.

DJ.Studio will be launched in H1 2023 and we need a lot of content to be written about DJ mixing, DJ mixing techniques and DJ mixing software.

What we are looking for

We are looking for  EDM DJs who would like to write about their passion.

Technical skills

  • Do you know the difference between a high, mid and low filter?
  • Do you have experience in making a tracklist for a life set?
  • Did you ever upload DJmixes to Mixcloud or Soundcloud? Or make radioshows?
  • Do you have a Beatport account or something similar?
  • It would be great if you are experienced with writing content, specifically SEO optimized content. If you don’t have any experience, we will guide you through and we will learn together if writing content is something for you.

Soft skills

  • Willingness to learn and take feedback gracefully:
    It will take time for you to get used to our style and processes. We will patiently guide you through to success but you must be willing to spend the time and effort to get there.
  • Good communication skills: You’ll be working with fellow team members to accomplish tasks related to producing great content. We appreciate overcommunication when it comes to content delivery, your input on topics which we should write about, client questions, etc. – our workflow depends on it.
  • Organization/planning skills: Successful writers on our team don’t wait until the day a project is due to get their questions answered or address any issues with the brief. We assign most projects two week before they’re due to give plenty of notice for planning. When you give an estimate when the article will be ready, you will be kept to that promise.
  • Attention to detail: Write “Say hi to Fred” (in addition to any questions or comments you have) at the end of the application form so that I know you’re paying attention to detail, which is important for being a part of this team.
  • SEO skills: you are willing to learn about writing SEO optimized content if that’s something you are not familiar with.
  • SurferSEO: you are willing to watch some videos about Surferseo to write your content with this tool.

Application instructions

Fill in the form mentioned below we will get back to you shortly!
If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Target audience

We are looking for content to show bedroom DJs how DJ Studio can help them to enjoy their hobby even more.

  • They love Dance music, but it’s hard to create a mix of their favorite tracks
  • DJ Software and DJ Controllers have a steep learning curve and are intimidating
  • But also playlist lovers who want to play their favorite tracks on a party, but need to ask someone else to create a mix.

Wedding DJs, professional DJs and radioshow makers will also benefit from DJ Studio because it saves them time to create their tracklists:

  • Mixing in key costs a lot of time because you need to find the key of each track and then decide the best order of the tracks in your mix
  • making (weekly) radioshows costs a lot of time for a music producer

Pros of DJ Studio

  • Makes DJing fun
  • Automix saves you a lot of time , you can focus on the fun part
  • Make DJ mixes / radio shows fast
  • Use DJ studio to prepare tracklist for live show
  • Learn to DJ by trying out lots of different transitions and effects
  • Listen to my favorite tracks without interruptions



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