Engaging Writer for YouTube Scripts

Wes McDowell Inc

If you are skilled in writing with a style that is highly engaging and personable, while still conveying experience and authority, you might be the fit we’re looking for.

We are a successful YouTube company, looking to add a scriptwriter to our team.

In this role, you will write 8-12 minute scripts for our YouTube videos based on provided topics and creative direction from Wes.

Along with the script for recording, you will work alongside our creative team to convey your vision so our editors can bring it to life. This may look like providing written descriptions of a scene to be sketched or sourcing examples to be used in the video.

Style Notes + Inspiration:
• Our typical videos are in the style of mini-documentaries that are engaging and actionable.
• We’re not just educating on a topic, we are also providing advice, how to, interviews, and opinions

Channels you can view for tone inspiration
Wes McDowell – https://www.youtube.com/@WesMcDowellInc
Matt D’Avella – https://www.youtube.com/@mattdavella
Ali Abdaal – https://www.youtube.com/@aliabdaal
Vox – https://www.youtube.com/@Vox/

You might be a good fit if:
• You are skilled in general journalism and feel comfortable investigating a topic to write about it well
• You have a basic understanding of digital marketing principles
• You have experience writing scripts or a background in documentaries
• You have a writing style that emphasizes a strong grasp on basic storytelling, not just presenting facts and information, but pulls the reader into something interesting
• Your writing is engaging, with personality and wit



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