Entry level part-time position for writing about home décor (perfect for teachers)

Soul & Lane

About the role

If you love home décor and interior design, this is for you! We are a small team of home décor enthusiasts from a fast-growing farmhouse décor blog. We work with quite a few teachers (but not only!), so if you are one and love home decor, please apply.

This entry-level role focuses on writing descriptions for images that showcase various home décor settings and different rooms and items. You will be provided images that need descriptions. Your task is to accurately describe the style, color, textures, room, and main items in a straightforward and concise manner averaging 30-40 words per image.

Here is an example description for this image.

Description. A woven basket is placed next to a Farmhouse Christmas tree topped with a red bow and a wooden sign leaning against the tree. Buffalo plaid curtains are hung right next to the tree in this living room.

The pay averages about $15-16 per 1000 words.


What You Can Expect

This is a long-term project with over 500K words to be written
Fast payment via PayPal or Payoneer.
Flexible deadlines


That you love home décor!
You must know basic SEO.
Write in a direct, neutral, and descriptive way

How To Apply

If you are interested, please fill in this form https://forms.monday.com/forms/5cbceb14032eca71134a04bead0e26b7?r=use1



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