Experienced Tech Content Writer & Editor for Raymond.cc

Reflector Media

We’re looking for a determined tech content writer/editor eager to be part of the Raymond.cc community!

If you’re passionate about technology as much as we are, you’ll fit right in. We are currently looking for new ways to improve and exceed new limits.

The ideal candidate that we’re looking for must have abilities related to producing online content in a digestible format. Experience is a must. Among other things, you must meet the following:

  •  Demonstrable experience writing about consumer technology
  • Terrific research skills, top-notch English, and a tech-oriented background
  • Ability to write on a breadth of technology topics, but mostly focusing on Software, PC and Windows
  • WordPress experience is a must
  • Skills in screenshot-taking and finding great images for your content
  • You have analytical skills and can apply them in learning and progressing
  • You are driven by performance

Depending on experience and quality, accepted candidates will receive between $30-$50 per 1000 words. We’re mostly looking for those that can work full-time and provide at least 2000 words daily, but we accept dedicated freelancers as well. The remuneration depends on your expertise and the amount of extra effort required from our side in the Q&A process. Payment is done monthly, at the end of the month.

The greatest benefit is the possibility to grow as a Managing Editor if you demonstrate the best results with your produced content.

In order to apply, send your applications using the form below:

  • https://forms.gle/esafmzjYErnfiMNd6

Good luck!

P.S. -> Together we can make the life of tech users easier 🙂



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