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if you’re a freelance content writer who’s…

  • interested in the saas/tech niche
  • needing flexible + consistent projects
  • tired of pitching to + managing multiple clients

this might be the perfect gig for you.

what we’re looking for…
skills > experience. what matters to us is your ability to:

  • think critically + logically
  • write clearly and candidly about technical topics
  • understand b2b stakeholder perspectives
  • follow a brief + technical requirements
  • learn from feedback
  • communicate effectively
  • ask questions > avoiding blind spot

what is lowercase?
a global content agency made up of writers, editors, and content strategists.

we take care of blog production + topic ideation for kickass b2b/tech brands.

to be visible and respected in a crowded market and a shitstorm of terrible b2b content, our clients blog has to be a cut above.

they choose us because we’re great to work with, and every blog we write is backed by careful research and packed with character.

we’re a team of discerning thinkers, from all walks of life, doing exceptional work.

what’s it like to write for lowercase?
we work on a monthly cycle, so you’ll receive your briefs at the start of each month, provide a thorough outline for editor approval, then deliver your final drafts in the third week (approximately).

most blogs are 3000w SEO articles.

there’s no minimum capacity, but 4-5 blogs per month is our sweet spot.

rate is 7c per word USD.

why work for us?

collaboration: we’re all about solving problems, learning together, and sharing success in our community slack channel.

meaningful feedback: our editors provide in-depth feedback to help you progress as a writer + freelancer.

transparency: we’re open about how we run our business and use your feedback to improve the way we do things.

documentation: our client style guides and blog briefs are the best in the game.

growth: we provide internal promotion opportunities and support your progression to other freelance gigs. we want you to succeed as a freelancer.

what will you be writing?
we’re proud to write meaningful and high-value content for clients in the following niches:

  • project management
  • b2b marketing
  • hiring & hr
  • sales tools
  • web design & development

this is the standard:

10 leadership styles in business and when they’re effective

AI And Machine Learning In Digital Marketing: The Future Is Here

How to Maximise SMS Marketing ROI

reckon you’ve got what it takes? fill out our form here and pitch us your rate.

if we like your application, here’s what will happen:

  • paid trial (1000w at 7c per word, based on a current client)
  • second paid trial (integrating our feedback)
  • onboarding + first article
  • slowly increase capacity each month
  • meet with us + discuss other opportunities (if applicable)



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