Freelance Content Editor

WordAgents is looking to grow it’s network of Freelance Editors!

We are currently searching for Freelance Editors that can deliver consistently high-quality content on-time and according to spec.

*Editor Responsibilities*

The following requirements and responsibilities apply to all AI Writes in our network:

– Work from within our project management system
– Cross-reference articles against instructions to ensure all requirements are met.
– Check articles for spelling and grammar issues using Grammarly and make minor improvements
– Check articles for plagiarism using Copyscape
– Spend 30-45 minutes reviewing articles to find errors that the tools may have missed and make necessary modifications
– Provide revision directions to writer for articles that need more than 15 minutes of work
– Handle approximately 3,500 words worth of editing per hour on average
– Be able to commit an average of 8 hours per day during American business hours on Monday to Friday.

*Workload & Compensation*

If you’re invited to join our network of Editors, we’ll provide you with quick start documents that fully outline your role with us.

To reiterate again, our Editors work 8 hours per day during the week and edit approximately 140,000 to 150,000 words each week on average.

We pay our editors between $14 and $15 per hour for the role.



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