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Have you got strong opinions on what makes good content?

Are you inspired by coaching writers?

Are you seeking a role for a company that knows editing is so much more than proofreading?

Well, this might be the gig for you.

Who are we?

lowercase is a writing agency doing cool things in the world of content marketing.

We produce exceptional content for big players in SaaS who actually give a damn about what goes in their blogs.

We’ve built a strong team of writers, editors, and content strategists.

But as we grow, we need more editors on board to ensure our content is perfect, hold the line on client requirements, and coach our writers on how to sharpen their skills.

We’re looking for editors with 3 tiers of skill…

Tier 1 is quality assurance.

It’s basically proofreading from a content marketing perspective. Making sure everything is technically correct, double-checking links, following best practices, blah blah blah.

Tier 2 is structural integrity.

You’ll be correcting and coaching on sentence structure, word choices, examples used, logical sequences of ideas, and use of passive vs. active voice.

Then there’s tier 3.

This is what separates lowercase editors from traditional editors. We want you to put our writers’ arguments through their paces. Are they original, robust, and clever? Are they using solid analogies? Does the content have flair and humour? Is it fuelled by expertise, not just arbitrary stats?

What working for us is like

We use for project visibility and management, Slite for client documentation, Slack for communication, and Google Docs for our content.

Once we’ve discussed capacity, editors are assigned all their work at the start of the month.

You’ll review and approve outlines, then edit and provide feedback for drafts. Most drafts are around 3000 words.

You’ll time track your progress and be paid monthly, at the end of the month.

You’ll be supported by Lou (Creative Director and co-owner), Josh (Managing Director and co-owner) and Ettore (Content Strategist).

We have a culture of internal promotion and we’re always looking for career progression for the right candidate.

Apply here:



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