Hiring subject matter experts in all niches! (Great pay | Flexible schedule)

We Write Blog Posts LLC

Our content service is seeking subject matter experts of all types to write and edit blog posts for our clients.

If you have…

  • A degree or advanced certification…
  • Lots of experience in a craft or hobby…
  • Years of work in a particular industry…
  • Or anything else that makes you an expert in something…

… then please fill out our brief application.

It only takes a moment, and it’ll allow us to provide you with work by seeking out websites in your area of expertise, even if we aren’t working with any at the current moment.

We have nearly 1,000 clients with every type of website you can imagine, and we’re gaining more clients daily.

Here are some benefits of this position:

  • Flexible schedule. You can work when you want. All that matters is that you finish your content on time. When you need time off to tend to personal matters, we will happily accommodate that.
  • Extensive training and team support. You will receive detailed training and dedicated team support. You’ll receive detailed training videos and documents explaining exactly what you need to do. If you need help, our team will answer all of your questions.
  • Excellent pay. We offer great rates depending on your area and level of expertise.

Apply via the form below and join our growing team of subject matter experts today:




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