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Craft Coffee Spot

Do you like editing articles and leading content production? Do you want to feel like a valued member of a growing team? Most importantly, do you want to work with coffee??

Craft Coffee Spot is looking for an editor. We’re a growing coffee site whose mission is to help people become “home baristas” and make their coffee better than Starbucks. We’ve gone from zero to 100k monthly visitors in our first year, and there’s much more growth ahead.

Craft Coffee Spot is not another niche website or quick flip. I’m committed to making it the destination for coffee aficionados and a full-fledged media business. I own eight espresso machines and am learning to roast coffee. We’re planning to grow new channels like social and YouTube and eventually sell our own coffee too. This isn’t another SEO content factory. But, content is still the cornerstone of the site and we need help scaling up.

The editor (that’s you!) will be critical in reaching the vision. You will be Craft Coffee Spot’s first editor and responsible for content production, including briefs, editing, and publishing instructions. The nice thing is we already have a talented writer and VA, and I’m happy to provide support and products over time.

The editor’s role is to ensure content meets our high standards for quality and style. Spelling and grammar checks are table stakes here. If the role were just those things, we’d hire a robot. Instead, we’re looking for someone who can: 1) check facts and ensure we make the best recommendations, 2) improve flow and clarity to meet search intent, and 3) make the article engaging. We speak directly to our readers so we don’t sound like robots.

You should be passionate and highly knowledgeable about coffee; there’s no substitute for this. Our articles get into product specifics (think DF64 vs Niche Zero), and you should highlight and translate that detail into common-sense terms for our readers. You should know different brewing methods and what affects coffee taste.

The role is only 5-10 hours per week to start, and can grow over time. We have a consistent publishing schedule that you should adhere to, but the work is flexible. I’m happy to provide the necessary support and revisit pay over time with more responsibility.

What’s most exciting about this role is the chance to be part of a growing business. We want to grow the site by 10x over time, and you’ll get to be a part of the growth. As an editor, we expect your feedback on the content strategy. Best of all, you get to work with coffee!


  • Native English speaker located in North America or Europe
  • 2+ years of editing experience; preferably with another coffee site
  • Coffee expert (barista or roaster experience is a big plus)
  • 5-10 hours per week and can meet deadlines

Job Benefits

  • Competitive rates: $25-30 per hour (eventually transition to salary)
  • Prompt payment for completed work
  • Consistent work as part of a high-performing team
  • Flexible work schedule from anywhere in the world

Please apply via the Google forms link:



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