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Our content publishing group is looking to hire a staff writer who is specialized in long-form medical research writing.

We’re currently producing content in the SARMs and nootropics niches and need about 2-3 research articles/week for an indefinite duration.

Research articles typically range from 2100-2500 words (excluding references) and are paid at $150/article. We expect all articles to be properly sourced with 15-20 references per article (PubMed or similar sources).

You will be given no more than 2-3 compounds/month to research and on which to write, so there will be overlap between your assignments, allowing you to turn work around faster.

Additional requirements/specifications:

  • You must have fluent written English, as evidenced in writing samples.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism or AI-based software.
  • This is NOT a copywriting or SEO writing job. The writing involved requires significant research and acquired knowledge of the subject-matter.
  • We will give priority to writers with backgrounds in pharmacology/medicine, or failing that, any research-intensive field. Your ability to research, interpret, and synthesize medical studies is far more important than anything else.
  • We take our legal compliance requirements seriously and provide clear guidelines and how articles should be drafted and the tone to adopt.
  • Our team uses Asana/Google Docs for file sharing/production and Telegram for communication, so you must be willing to use all three.
  • Payments are fast and flexible in terms of method.

If this job interests you, please send us an introductory note and relevant writing samples.

Only suitable candidates will receive an offer to complete a paid test article, with an outline and guidelines provided.

Thank you for your interest.



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