Need Disqus Comments Working On Infinite Scroll

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Need to get Disqus comments working using the infinite scrolling function of the Astra theme.

Would actually like the Disqus Conditional Load plugin to work with infinite scroll to show the comments when scrolling.

Not sure if this post will help:

So maybe need to use a MutationObserver event so as the user scrolls the pages, the disqus comment count gets updated and the disqus comments work on each scrollable post.

If anything, get the disqus comments to work on the scrollable pages because as it stands, only the first post viewed works and the rest don’t.

Here is an example post:

Notice when scrolling after the first post the comment button doesn’t work and the comments don’t load. At times, the comments also get messed up and get posted to the wrong post.

Let me know the cost. Thanks!



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