On-Page and Technical SEO Specialist


We are looking for an individual contractor or firm to provide ongoing on-page and technical SEO services for a high-traffic, affiliate-focused website. The site is already well-optimized, but we are focused on continuous improvement to attract more high-intent traffic in a highly competitive market.

We would expect the SEO specialist to regularly review existing site pages to find opportunities for improvement, optimize drafts of new content prior to publication, conduct keyword research to help us find new content opportunities, and ensure there are no significant technical issues with the site that might impact search performance.

We would expect to meet regularly to discuss SEO challenges and opportunities, review site performance/KPIs, and collaborate on next steps.

A successful candidate for this position should have significant experience performing essential SEO tasks, including but not limited to

  • conducting keyword research
  • developing/improving URLs, title tags and meta descriptions
  • optimizing keyword focus
  • optimizing images and alt text
  • finding and implementing internal linking opportunities
  • adding and improving structured data/schema mark-up
  • accessing and analyzing relevant data in Google Analytics (GA4) and Search Console
  • addressing key site health issues (e.g., core vitals issues, crawl issues)

We do not expect this person to do backlink outreach. We are also not looking for an SEO strategist, though we would expect this person to be capable of giving input on strategy.

Technical Environment and Tools
The site on which the SEO Specialist would focus is built in WordPress using an Astra theme and is hosted at WP Engine. In addition to Google Analytics and Search Console, we use the following SEO-related tools:

  • Yoast
  • Ahrefs
  • Link Whisper
  • Surfer
  • SNIP (structured data)

We would expect the SEO Specialist to already be familiar with these tools or be capable of learning to use them quickly.

When applying, please:

  • Briefly describe two-to-three projects you have worked on that are similar to what is described above. If you have experience with affiliate-based sites, please be sure to provide and example of that.
  • Indicate any restrictions on your availability on a day-to-day basis or over the longer term. Our expectation is that this will be a long-term relationship
  • Please indicate your standard rates

We will follow up to schedule an interview with candidates whose applications indicate that they are a good match for the position.



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