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Codeless Interactive, LLC

Job description

Hi there!



Are you someone with a background in digital marketing, sales, revenue operations, and/or tech solutions?


Do you have experience writing and/or editing content for well-known SaaS companies?


We’re looking for a SaaS editor to join our editorial team. Knowledge of any of our other primary verticals (tech, project management, and finance) would also be an asset.


The role is freelance to start, but we’re a fast moving, rapidly growing company, so there’s lots of opportunity for growth if you excel.



Job requirements
Who you are:


Who you are:

Maybe you’re an experienced SaaS writer looking to move into editing. Or you’re a SaaS editor looking for better hours with a remote and flexible company.

You read SaaS blogs for fun and are the person all your friends turn to for info on the latest digital trends.

You’re enthusiastic about working remotely — from a co-working space, your home office, a cafe, or the beach. So long as you get the work done, we don’t care where you are when you do it.

You have to be process-driven, though. Codeless is, and we need you to align with our client’s unique guidelines for content as well as our internal processes, which make the whole thing run smoothly.

You have to have an eye for details and be excellent with the written word.


What you’ll be doing:


Editorial review at Codeless is a combination of checklist and creativity:

You’ll check the content against an optimization tool as well as read through it based on our existing editorial processes and client-specific checklists.

If small adjustments need to be made to improve flow or fix something factually incorrect, you’ll make the change yourself.

You’ll be providing valuable feedback to writers, both to improve them for the future and to ensure they understand what needs to be fixed (if necessary).

You’ll be working with a team of other editors to complete content to a high quality standard against a client-specific style guide.

We’ll pay you well based on your experience, and you’ll be working with some of the sharpest content marketing minds in the industry. You’ll be expected to learn quickly and ask questions once.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, send us your resume, as well as a cover letter explaining why you’re right for the job.



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