Seeking Blogger with 2+ years experience writing about Bitcoin (not crypto)

  • Freelance
  • Anywhere

Anthony Park

Seeking a freelance writer with 2+ years experience writing about bitcoin (not crypto) for SEO optimized blog posts that drive traffic. May also repurpose posts into an ebook.


  • 2+ years experience writing professionally in Bitcoin or
  • Native English language
  • All writing must be unique, 100% original
  • Include “simple money wins” in your cover letter to be considered
  • Typically, 1-2 articles per month, perhaps more.

Ideal style and tone:

  • Active voice only
  • Folksy, accessible tone for complex topics
  • Very relatable examples

What to expect from me? I will provide:

  • Rough outline for each ~500 word piece
  • Several questions we’ll answer for the reader
  • Podcasts, voice memos, or screencasts to arm you with background info and instructions
  • Some research links
  • Typically 1 round of revisions



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