Seeking Website Development Wizard (WordPress / Elementor)

The Harmony Group

We are a small growing social impact organization embarking on a big mission to spread more love, kindness and harmony in the world. Our projects have the potential to positively impact the lives of millions across the globe, and focus on supporting people, animals and the environment through engaging content, unique products, grassroots movements, and other compelling offerings.

To further realize our vision as we get ready for the launch of several new projects in the months ahead, we are now looking to bring aboard our first full time website “development wizard” who can use their magic to create, build, run, maintain, and scale several new dynamic websites.

We already have a wonderful full time graphic design team focused on UI/UX. While they build beautiful designs and great functional wireframes (using the Adobe Suite and Figma), we’re ready for YOU to bring our planned sites and desired functionality to life using WordPress as our CMS backbone, and Elementor and WooCommerce as our major page building and commerce plugins.

Plain and simple…we’re looking for a super talented web developer who can take our front end designs and planned user experiences, enhance them as needed (working collaboratively with the team), and then let loose developing our fully functioning sites.

Here are some more specific details about the experience, talents and skills we’re seeking from the right match:

– Solid English communication in verbal and written forms (with conversational Spanish a big plus but not necessary)
– Ability to use and modify pre-existing WP themes or build our own custom theme with responsive design optimized for both desktop and mobile
– Solid CSS and HTML skills to enhance styles and layouts
– Install and configure WooCommerce with various Woo extensions (tax, ship tracking, etc.)
– Easily understand and custom configure multiple important WordPress plugins needed for extra functionality (in a way that integrates seamlessly into the overall UX)
– Use best practices for efficient page load speed, and SEO optimization (using Yoast Premium or other similar plugin)
– Familiarity with creating sites in multiple languages (using provided text translations/not Google Translate) with English & Spanish as our first two languages from the start
– Basic database and CRM system set up and management
– Set up and manage hosted WP optimized virtual servers, overseeing security, backups, version control, performance monitoring and scaling as needed
– Troubleshooting, bug fixing, updating and maintaining the latest versions of themes and all related plug ins

More About Us & Our Culture:

We are a flat organization that currently averages in size of 5 to 10 “full time equivalent” team members depending on the stage and scope of projects in the works. We are led by two experienced global entrepreneurs (and best friends for decades!) with more than 50 years of combined complimentary experience gained from launching and leading diverse projects on the ground in over 30 countries over the last 3 decades.

Our culture is one of “co-creation” with egos and internal competition left at the door, so that everyone on the team can work closely and openly with the each other to contribute their best each day. With no outside investor money, we have no financial obligations to anyone but ourselves, leaving us to control our own destiny and set priorities aligned to our authentic values and goals.

We fully welcome new ideas and encourage active contributions from everyone on the team, and embrace flexibility and learning along the way. We enjoy evolving our vision and direction as needed–together. We understand that nothing is set in stone given the rapid pace of change in our modern world and that “mistakes” and “challenges” happen and are opportunities for growth and evolution. We value living life with balance, while being of service to each other and the world around us. We like to have fun and not take life too seriously, and enjoy continually growing individually and as a team. We are driven to work passionately on our projects so that we can feel proud of our collective efforts and the magic we produce and build together.

As a 100% remote organization, our core team members and select contractors who round out our team, are located across the Americas and Europe. While it would be a plus if you were located in either region of the world, we ultimately don’t mind where you are based, or where you work from. As long as you have a good reliable internet connection for video calls throughout the week usually held mid to late morning or early afternoon Central American Time, then we are good to go. Apart from these pre-planned calls, you will have massive autonomy and not be micro-managed. As long as you try your very best to meet the deadlines and milestones we all set together, and are excited to contribute your gifts and energy to the projects and the world, then you will likely fit right in.


We measure success more broadly than just money with “multiple bottom lines” that value the positive contributions we make toward supporting our individual growth and inspiring others just as much if not more than financial gain. We of course know earning money in the modern world is important to sustaining all our lives and the organization, so while we’ll offer you fair compensation for your experience level and contributions, it is important to know that money is not the primary motivator or driver for anyone on our team or our organization as a whole. If the ability to make measurable and tangible contributions to the greater good has value to you, in addition to earning money for your efforts, then we may be a great match.

The Right Mutual Fit:

If the opportunity to use your passion and gifts, to have more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in your life as a result of the work you do each day resonates with you, then this might be the right opportunity for you. If it resonates with you to have your heart and soul light up from the impact of the work you do, while feeling you are truly valued as an integral part of a talented team, pursuing something beyond self benefit alone, then let’s connect.

Please reply with not only your background of relevant experience, skills and talents for this position, but also your thoughts on why you think you’d be a great fit to work with us given our detailed description above. We are excited to discuss this unique opportunity further with candidates we agree may be the right mutual fit. We thank you for your time in reviewing and replying to this post, and look forward to hearing from you.



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