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Quality Nonsense Ltd

Founded in 2006, Quality Nonsense publishes websites about technical subjects as they relate to the larger world.

While our competitors churn out cheap, bulk SEO content that’d make an editor weep, we strive for consistent excellence at scale.

As such, we are looking for talented editors who create top-grade content that also gets traffic. We offer the chance to work as part of a killer team producing content for some of the biggest websites in their fields.

About us

You will have the opportunity to join a team working remotely for 15+ years, across 8 different countries. Over that time, we’ve developed unique processes, systems, and ways of working that help us get things done (both on time and at the quality we expect of ourselves).

Ideally, you’ll have previous experience working remotely. All we ask is that you approach the job with an open mind about ways of working.

We use a few popular tools you may have used before:-

  • Slack, for teamwork and day-to-day chat
  • Google Docs/Google Sheets for collaborative documents
  • WordPress to power our sites
  • Trello to keep organized and meet deadlines

What Kind of Content Do We Produce?

You’ll be helping to publish financial content on trading, covering various financial instruments like precious metals, stocks and so on.

One article might have to do with historical trends in iron ore production, and another might be about the best ways to invest in gold. It’s demanding work, but it won’t bore you.

If that mix sounds exciting, rather than terrifying, then maybe you have the Right Stuff.

Key Requirements for this role

We are seeking a tech-savvy editor to help with our fast-paced content publishing workload. This is not a writing position, nor are we looking for a copyeditor who simply nitpicks over correct grammar and spelling.

Tasks examples:

  • Manage content production from draft to published
  • Manage a team of freelance writers & deadlines
  • Provide actionable and constructive feedback to writers
  • Polish copy for clarity, grammar, and length
  • Treat fact checking like the life and death matter it is
  • Spot sloppy errors, assumptions, and cliches from a mile off
  • Plan and execute content strategies
  • Create actionable briefs for content
  • Craft irresistible headlines

Your Profile

We most definitely aren’t looking for clones. But everyone on our team shares a handful of attributes:

For this role:

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Strong personal interest in technology, the internet, and related subjects
  • Self-motivated, can handle fast turnarounds.
  • Prefers shorter words over fancy ones (per Orwell’s advice)
  • Native English speaker, bilingual, or C2 level English (we work in US English, but you can be based anywhere).
  • Detail oriented

Requirements for everyone joining our team:

  • Excellent communicator (remote work is otherwise impossible)
  • Willing to follow instructions and receptive to constructive feedback (eg, how to invoice correctly)
  • Happy working solo (ie, without micromanaging or nagging)
  • Well organized (ie, deadlines get met, without excuses or exceptions)
  • Rock steady reliable – your word is your bond
  • Will work our way – it will differ from your past experience
  • Introverts will thrive in our team (we do have the odd extrovert too)

Pay & Workload

We pay well/fast, and presently have as much work as you can handle.

Rates vary in line with your commitment. You will get paid monthly in US dollars (by wire transfer only).

We are looking for a commitment of full time. There are no set hours, and you can work when you choose in any time zone and in any location – provided you meet deadlines. Did we mention how important delivering to deadline is…?

We don’t micromanage; you will be expected to meet deadlines without exception, and without us hassling you.

Sound like a good fit?

We’d love to hear from you!

We’ve set up a quick Typeform survey to collect your details and resume – it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.



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