Tech & Gaming Researchers / Writers

Niche sites

Hello, I’m looking for RESEARCHERS / WRITERS in tech and gaming niches who can craft high-quality content according to our strategy.

We prioritize candidates from these countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa; however, candidates from other countries are also welcomed.


Our approach is different, we do not look at what already ranks on Google for targeted keyword until the research is finished.

We mainly pull information from sites with user-generated content, primarily Youtube, Youtube comments, Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, niche forums…etc.


These 3 videos explain our method of crafting articles; make sure you watch them in full before applying.


Stage 1 – Finding related phrases and building initial structure:

Stage 2 – Identifying sources & researching unique information:

Stage 3 – Adjusting content, revising structure & rewriting paragraphs:


We pay $50 per article.


IMPORTANT: proper research takes time and patience. If you rewrite top-ranking articles, like 95% of writers do, and present like your own work, that’s not gonna work.
The right candidate that wants to put some work in will be offered enough work to keep him/herself busy full-time.


Interested? Feel free to apply by this link:



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