Technical Writer (SaaS Company Documentation)


Gymdesk provides modern management software to gyms, martial arts schools, yoga studios and more. We are looking for a technical writer to help us upgrade and expand our knowledge base and user facing documentation.

What skills do I need?

Determination, communication, optimism. You need to care deeply about writing, including improving your own. You need to love documentation. That means you enjoy documenting new things, fixing old things, improving the end user experience, and improving the technical writer experience.

A background in technical writing is crucial. Please provide 3 technical writing samples when you apply (ideally involving software documentation).

What work will I do?

Our product helps gym owners and staff run their business. This includes managing members and memberships, setting up recurring payments, booking classes, running promotions and more.

We are constantly working to create the best experience in our industry, however there is significant complexity behind the scenes as the use-cases become more involved.

Our documentation is the main start point for users discovering and learning about our product, and it will be up to you to make their experience as effective as possible.

What challenges will I have?

In order to document the product properly, you will need to learn about the product. You need to have technical aptitude (i.e, you’re a computer nerd) and natural affinity to software. Learn about the features by trying it out in a variety of ways, then asking our engineers about anything you don’t understand.

Anything else you want me to know?

If you’re excited about doing impactful work in the form of documentation and user experience, give us a shot. We’ll do our best to make the interview experience fast, enjoyable, and mentally stimulating.

If we don’t get a chance to speak with you, thank you so much for your interest, and hopefully there will be a better opportunity down the line.



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