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There is an international distracted driving crisis that endangers everyone worldwide! Thank you for your interest in this public safety work that will help make driving safer for you, your children, families, and everyone! “The life you save, may be your own!”

ASF is a non profit organization leader in driving safety since 1988 has international life-saving research and valuable IP at, carsafe.org, and because of this and the international safety crisis, carsafe.org is likely the most important web page in the  world! Most developers that have worked for ASF have worked pro bono (free) for public safety, or reduced rates, so considering this work has been performed by those concerned with the safety of their children and families, currently ASF is offering $100 to update the site, based on the work below. Successful developers will be considered for future paid work. There are also marketing partnerships opportunities (see below).
ASF seeks an experienced web developer or company, for some new year site updates and fixes, which include, 1. some text additions, as well as double spacing all text and changes and the revamp/update of one page (same style just new info), 2. mobile/tablet compatibility fine tunes 3. SEO and Google search improvements.  4. WordPress account cleanup/tune-up..  5.Since this is safety work it should be completed within a few days after acceptance, so make sure you have at least four or five hours of time for the work (though you may spend longer).  6. REVIEW carsafe.org before responding 6. when responding please indicate you are in accord with these terms 7. Currently ASF is not seeking a full web site revamp, if you are a graphic designer, and have some visual idea improvements for any aspect of the site you are welcome to send demos (one example is making the ASF logo more succinct, without changing concept, and perhaps using blue and gold instead of blue and silver). Please be advised that when it comes to web sites there are many different tastes (“beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”) and ALL ASF research must remain, so ASF recommends, when starting, to keep the main focus on the above maintenance and not investing lots of time speculating on website look). 8. please send your webpage and or resume, and a US phone number is required.

This public safety work requires expedition and FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS, including the ones in this ad, so please read the ad details carefully and be sure you have the time for this pro bono work. Good web developers may be hired at a later date for paid part time work, and there is the optional fundraising work @ 20 percent of funds raised (see below). Because public safety requires expedition, ASF prefers developers here in the US and at least a US phone number is required.

This work is virtual performed from your location – make your own hours but must work expeditiously for safety. You will be provided a carsafe.org backup site, which we ask that you clone so that you can demo all changes before they are made live. US developers are preferred but can work with those that at least have a US phone number that will be answered by normal business hours (no Skype etc.) as this public safety work must be prioritized.

ASF also seeks cause marketing partners, and developers with marketing, networking, or fundraising skills that can promote driving safety at carsafe.org and fundraise receiving 20 percent of the funds you raise from the valuable ASF IP in the global marketplace. Per work completion, ASF will write a job completion complimentary reference letter that van be used to help obtain other work, and you can demo the ASF work in your portfolio.

Please respond with your website and or resume. Thank you for your safety concerns.



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