Write about your #1 Topic/Hobby/Expertise (ANY TOPIC) & Become a Published Amazon Author

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We are looking to hire writers to write about their #1 subject/hobby/expertise and become a published author on amazon. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!



We are the The Publishing Co and we’re looking to hire experts in any subject to write books about the subject’s they are experts in.

We publish a range of books mostly in the finance categories however we are open to all categories. Here are a few examples of top selling books we have published:

Here are some examples of categories our authors write about:

  • Art
  • Housework
  • Boating
  • A travel guide for a destination
  • Business
  • Software
  • Sales
  • Etc

No writing experience is necessary. We are willing to hire NEWBIE FREELANCERS.

Job Description and Benefits

1) Write a book about what you’re best at. The book must be 30k+ words.

2) Become an established EXPERT in your field. The BEST benefit to writing a book with us we we will publish the book on Amazon and you will become an authority figure in your field. We take care of all the editing, formatting, ISBN, publishing, advertising and so much more. You will become a published author in your field.

3) Any topic: You can write about any topic A-Z. We are only looking to hire one expert for each category.

***OUR CURRENT RATE (Negotiable)
Rates may be $100-300-$500 for 30,000+ words. (We are looking for 30k words at a minimum). This will depend on the topic, supply, demand, experience, and writing.
Our normal rate for first-time writers is $300 but we may consider a little more for special topics. Bear in mind there are a lot of costs to publishing a book including isbn, formatting, editing, publishing, advertising.

– Get paid to write a book
– Get published as an author
– Become an authority expert in your field

Apply today & Become an author!

Thank you
The Publishing Co Team



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