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About us
With ConvertCalculator, small business owners can create a business that thrives while living the life they love. Our software helps to optimize business processes and automate the boring parts. Our interactive content tool allows owners to build landing pages, sales funnels, apps, and advanced forms.

Since its launch in 2017, most of the writing on our website has been done by the founders (Bas & Joris). Both are not native speakers and have no expertise in the field.

The work
Are business grows steadily and rapidly, and we know it’s time to “up our game” regarding our writing. The following work needs to be done:

– Improve the copy of our existing landing pages (home, pricing, product, use-cases, markets)
– Create use-case pages (Example: https://www.convertcalculator.com/use-cases/sales-funnel/)
– Create markets pages
– Create product feature pages
– Create engaging articles for our blog
– Create informative content for our templates
– Editing / Improving content created by our founders

What makes a good fit

– Impeccable ability to write in English
– At least 2 years of writing experience
– Have strong research skills
– Are tech-savvy
– Fast learner
– Have >16 hrs per week of availability

Although SEO is our most significant growth channel, You don’t have to have any experience in this field, as we have a lot of expertise in-house. That said, it’s a plus if you have the experience.

Why you should work with us

– Competitive rates ($25 – $50 per hour)
– Looking for a long-term working relationship
– Flexible working hours
– Freedom to pick interesting projects
– Freedom to learn/improve skills

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