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BlackBook Investments

Hi, BlackBook Investments is an online publishing company that runs a portfolio of content sites in various niches. We are looking for a content manager and several writers to join the team and help us improve content production and scale the business faster.

BlackBook is looking for enthusiasts in aquariums who can write in-depth and informative content for our niche website about Aquariums.


As a writer, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  1. Writing new articles based on briefings and guidelines. The articles are mainly info-type posts and buying guide posts that talk about product reviews and how to fix a problem related to aquariums and aquascaping.
  2. Our site needs content that is easy to read and gives an expert perspective. You should be able to write articles that will be able to help our readers to choose the right products/solutions.
  3. Providing plagiarism-free content. No AI and No Fluff.


Here is a list of things we are expecting you to have or be:

  1. An enthusiast about aquariums and aquascapes. You don’t need to hold a professional degree, but you are usually your friends’ go-to person for any issues related to aquariums or the various aquatic species they pet.
  2. 2+ years of content writing experience.
  3. Advanced English skills, primarily in writing and editing.
  4. Can produce 2-5 articles per week (~1000+ words per article).


  1. Fully remote & flexible
  2. We pay based on word counts (our range is $30-$50 per 1,000 words).
  3. Job security & steady workload: if you are really good, we’ll make sure to have enough work to keep you busy.
  4. Some of our writers have been working with us remotely for three years.



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