Writers for SEO Agency (Diverse Content, Quick Start!)


WordAgents [STILL] needs generalist freelance writers for a range of content types.

Are you a go-getter with words flowing through your blood? You might be the ideal WordAgents writer.

As an SEO agency, our team produces high-quality, optimized content for clients all over the world.

We need multiple writers who can write for the web and aren’t afraid to learn something new.

Are you the right fit for our team?  We think it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Here’s what we offer to US and Canadian writers who are fluent in US English:

  • Consistent work each week. No hunting down clients or cold pitching.
  • Regular bi-weekly payments.
  • Tons of exciting content. There’s always something new to work on, so no enormous orders of boring content to trudge through.


So what’s the catch? Two things:

One: All of our writers are ghostwriters; you won’t receive a byline. The upside? You won’t need to interact with clients, even if they request revisions (we have a team for that).

Two: Our rate is .03/word, so a combination of skills and speed is a must.

Now to the crucial question: how can you excel with WordAgents?

Our writers are:

  • Quick: Most agree that they can handle about 1000 words per hour, with research included.
  • Experienced: Writing for the web isn’t the same as college papers, poetry, or prose. Familiarity with blogs, product pages, reviews, and essential SEO concepts is ideal.
  • Adaptable: WordAgents writers are willing to learn and grow with feedback from Editors and Managers.
  • US English speakers: For this team we only hire American or Canadian citizens with fluent US English writing abilities.

Skip dealing with clients or chasing down assignments, and join the WordAgents team!

If you fit the bill and have a solid writing sample to share, apply to join the WordAgents team!



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