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Reasons Why you can’t easily find yourself a dream job in 2022

Reasons Why you can’t easily find yourself a dream job in 2022. Is finding a new job or changing jobs on your list of good resolutions for 2022? Most people fail to keep the promises they made to themselves at the start of the year, 20% in less than a month!

Let’s take a look at six reasons that could prevent you from achieving your dream in 2022:

1) Looking for the wrong job

You haven’t landed a single interview after 3 months, or does the recruitment process stop each time after one or two rounds? Have you toured all the companies in the sector without success?

There is definitely a problem. Either you are not qualified or the job you are aiming for is not for you, and your subconscious knows it. For example, you are looking for a management position, while deep down you are not interested in supervising people. Suddenly, your subconscious scuttles your chances during the interview. You probably don’t realize it, but it could, for example, be the gestures that serve you and show the opposite of what you are saying.

In this case, it is good to go back to square one: take the time to reflect on your professional project.

2) You are not really motivated

Have you taken the time to define what motivates you?
Obviously, if you’re unemployed, the prospect of earning a salary at the end of the month is a good motivator (even if it’s not the one to present at an interview!). But if not: do you know what you want to change, what you don’t like about your current job, and what you absolutely want for your next job?

Most people in office fail to change jobs because they don’t have real motivation. They look for a job as a dabbler, have a few interviews, and realize that in the end the job they thought was interesting isn’t that much. They have no specific objective or structured method. Result: they find it too hard, and decide to stay a little longer in their position. And two years later they are still in a job that only half pleases them!

3) Reasons Why you can’t easily find yourself a dream job in 2022 – No one knows you are looking for a job

Have you told your friends and family that you are looking for a job? Have you updated your LinkedIn and   Viadeo profiles? Do they contain the right keywords used by recruitment agencies to identify people for this position?

The question of whether to notify your current employer is more difficult to decide. However, even in the event that you decide not to communicate officially (and therefore not on social networks), there are always certain people whom you must inform because they can help you. This can be certain trusted colleagues, for example.

4) Ads are your only way to search

About 80% of job vacancies are not advertised. If you limit yourself to published ads, you, therefore, divide your chances of finding a job by five. In fact, your chances are even lower, since the competition is much stronger on the 20% of published offers. You just have to look on LinkedIn, you can see how many people have applied for an ad. This regularly exceeds 50, see 100 or 150 applications for really interesting positions.

Suffice to say that you are shooting yourself in the foot.

5) Your resume sucks

Most people think that if they are not selected for a position, they do not have the necessary experience or the right profile. Often, it’s all in the presentation. Your career path can be very interesting, but your CV can be boring. Conversely, you may have a less impressive, but well-showcased start to your career.

The first question to ask yourself is the following: does your CV allow the employer to verify in less than 30 seconds that you have the skills for the position? If the answer is no, that explains part of the problem.
Already, have you clearly identified what skills are required for the position you are looking for? Then, are these skills reflected in your resume? Aren’t they drowned out among other skills that aren’t useful for the job you’re looking for? Most people cannot answer yes these three questions.

6) You don’t know how to use your network correctly

Do you know how to identify the people who do the work that interests you, contact them and better understand their daily work? Getting information is the key to setting yourself apart. However, when they meet a member of their network, most people are content to ask for a job, or they openly display that they are job seekers. As a result, they are not taking full advantage of your network. Maybe this is your case?

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