Some of the mistakes that plague your CV

Everyone wants to have a good CV and for this, knowing Some of the mistakes that plague your CV is important so as to make possible amendments.

If you can’t land as many job interviews as you want, it’s probably time to revamp your resume.
Succeeding face to face with a recruiter is the last step before landing a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract or an internship in a company in line with your aspirations. Before that, it is necessary to convince the remote recruiter with a cover letter and a CV.

Mistake 1: Forgetting your phone number

The primary purpose of sending a resume is to get feedback from the recruiter.
Don’t forget to include your phone number at the top left of the resume. This advice may seem trivial. However, many people are surprised not to receive calls when they do not give any means of contact…

Mistake 2:

In a cover letter, it is welcome to write the contact details of the recruiter. On the other hand, this is to be banned in a CV. In addition to not being part of the conventions and being useless, it takes up a lot of space.

Some of the mistakes that plague your CV 3: an inappropriate e-mail address

In addition to the telephone, e-mail is a means of contact that should not be neglected. However, two types of addresses are to be banned: the address connoted amateur or dating site ([email protected]) or the professional address bearing the seal of your current employer.

Mistake 4: using bright colours

Sobriety. This is the word that should qualify your CV. Prefer black and white and banish bright colours (unless it is a creative position).
Even if you have to know how to sell yourself, your CV should not use the codes of the commercial prospectuses sent to the mailboxes.
To highlight key points, prefer black fat instead.

Some of the mistakes that plague your CV 5: giving personal information

During an interview, a recruiter is not allowed to ask you personal questions (religion, age, marital status, political opinions, etc.).
On your side, never divulge any information of this type.
It’s unfortunate to say, but your age, marital status, or political views can sometimes work against you.

Mistake 6: going beyond one page

One of the rules of a CV is not to go beyond one page. It is a short document,
For people with less than five years of experience, this is mandatory, otherwise, you will appear talkative and pretentious.
If you really have things to say, you can use the cover letter or the teaser email to “bait” the recruiter.

Mistake 7: Using original fonts

The CV must be readable at a glance. A recruiter will rarely linger there for more than 30 seconds.
Don’t tire the recruiter’s retina by using outdated or hard to decipher fonts. Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri are preferred.

Mistake 8: using different fonts 

Avoid two different fonts in a single document (if you want to make distinctions on the same line, you prefer bold). 

Mistake 9: Using a small font

Your CV must be consistent in content but also in form.

A resume should fit on one page. Therefore the temptation is great to reduce the size of the font to fit all your experience. This easy solution is to be avoided. The recruiter wants to read a CV quickly. If he should damage his eyes, your application will end up in the trash.

Forgetting the title

A CV must include a title. This is a basic rule overlooked by too many candidates. At a minimum, it is advisable to write his name and profession. Also, remember to centre the title. To save space, you may be tempted to reduce the space between the main parts of your resume (work experience, degree, area of ​​interest). 

Adopting chronological order

The most recent experiences should be placed at the top of your CV. This is so, whether it is your diploma or your professional experience. Don’t be tempted to upset the established order by adopting a chronological order.

Giving references

For reasons of space and credibility, avoid including in your CV old information such as your mention in the patent of the colleges or a seasonal contract. However, this can be tolerated when you are applying for a junior position and your experience is next to none.

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