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Tips for finding the perfect outfit for a job interview

Tips for finding the perfect outfit for a job interview. Taking care of your clothing for an interview is not the first thing you think of and yet it is a necessary step. You will also be judged during your presentation on non-verbal elements such as your style of dress, your gestures, the tone of your voice, etc.

Everyone consciously or unconsciously judges a person’s presentation. It is an undeniable fact that has largely proven itself because, nowadays, appearance matters too.

An employer does not expect you to be “fashionable” and it is not really a question of style, but he wants you to be presentable in the eyes of all your business contacts (customers, employees, partners). It is then more a matter of neutrality and simplicity here.

5 tips for finding the perfect outfit for a job interview

1. Stay neutral but stay yourself: What does that mean?

Don’t camouflage yourself, show your movements. You are not asked to hide behind baggy clothes, or even to inhibit your personality. Dressing to match an environment means finding “common ground” between your style, that of your interlocutors and your future professional entourage.

2. Choose the colours of your outfit

It is advisable to use mostly neutral tones to make up your outfit: beige, grey, anthracite, black, white, and navy blue. They should represent the main colour of your outfit, but you can add colour accessories to add a touch of energy and dynamism. Choose the colours that go with your complexion and if you don’t know them, do an experiment in front of your mirror.

3. Choose an outfit according to your morphology

Overall it is important to clear the wrists, and the neck so that your gestures are clearly visible and affirmed. If you are round, we will prefer plain outfits to slim the silhouette. If you are thin, avoid loose clothing that would make you look like an understated candidate.

4. Adapt to the dress code of your job

Each profession has its own dress code and the previous advice must be adapted to the position in question. Also, remember to search for photos of the company on the web, you may find indications. For example, if you are a graphic designer, it is much easier to dare to use original colours and patterns.

On the other hand, if you are a manager, your job requires organization and rigour. You can ideally put on a modern navy blue suit/suit, somewhat reminiscent of the uniform.

For managers in more “cool” fields, such as communication, you can break the strict side of the suit by combining it with a casual element (a plain t-shirt, or city shoes).

When you are a young woman working in a man’s environment, the boyfriend-oriented suit can probably be an idea to exploit!

Avoid being strict in a creative environment and too relaxed in an environment that requires rigour and seriousness.

5. What to avoid

  1. Wrinkled clothes: it’s a sign of neglect…
  2. Imposing accessories, eye-catching make-up: simplicity is more likely to be appreciated.
  3. The distracting elements: large jewels in the shape of catfish, a perfume that can be smelled at 3km, fluorescent yellow varnish, and a tie with red polka dots, it is sure that your interlocutor will find it difficult to concentrate on what you are saying.
  4. Sexy clothes: to remain professional, avoid necklines and short clothes. Likewise, if you’re a boy, you won’t unbutton your Italian shirt, revealing your torso! You will never be taken seriously that way.
  5. The clothing you don’t feel comfortable in: Dress comfortably to maintain confidence and be relaxed.
  6. Do not come without a bag. Above all, do not come with a very small bag. Choose medium to large bags that can hold a small notebook, a notebook, or even a pocket with your CV. Come with your documents and something to write down.

Tips for finding the perfect outfit for a job interview

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